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Fund Raising-Debt Advisory

Growth Debt Advisory is not restricted to below products, however following are the major instruments:

Product In form of
Trade Finance Factoring, LC BD, Supplier/Buyers Credit, Import & Export Funding
Project Finance Project Feasibility Report, Long Term Funding (RTL/ECB) and Structured Funding
Acquisition Finance Long term Funding (in Indian & Foreign Books)
Structured Finance Long Term / Short Term Funding against specific Cash Flow and Assets, Loan against Shares to promoters/company
Corporate Finance Working Capital Finance, Non-Convertible Debentures, Commercial Paper, Secured/Unsecured Working Capital Rupee Loans/Foreign Currency Loans

Fund Raising-Equity Advisory

Product In form of
Mezzanine Capital High-yield debt with equity option for special business needs in the form of last-mile funding, subordinated debt, etc. It has benefits of equity but the cost is substantially lower.
Promoters Funding Against promoters shares or against specific cash inflows/assets
Foreign Subsidy Funding For inorganic growth against acquiring asset or cash inflows
Private Placement of Equity Shares, Redeemable/Convertible Preference Shares, Compulsorily / Optionally convertible Debentures

Mergers & Acquisitions(including through the route of IBC & Liquidation)

Our various verticals help clients in:

  • Acquisition Targets
  • Joint Ventures
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Greenfield Investments
  • Divestments
  • Distress Acquisition Advisory

Liquidation Team

  • Expertise in dealing with HNI’s/Corporates
  • Network with Banks/RP’s/Liquidators
  • Data Bank of Manufacturing Assets/Land Parcels/Commercial & Residential premises
  • Identified Banks/NBFC to fund the transaction (subject to acquirer with acceptable credential’s)