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Under Stress


We have a team which expertise in Special Situation Advisory. They advise the companies in below areas:

  • Financial Restructuring

  • Realigning debt obligations with realistic future cash inflows.
  • Converting Short Term obligation to Long Term
  • Replacement of High-Cost Debt with Low Cost
  • One Time Settlement
  • Resolution under Section 230 A of Companies Act:

  • Resolution under PIRP Scheme.

  • Turnaround Management

External CFO Services

Our team helps company in

  • In managing overall financial affairs while ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory compliances, policies and procedures as per the company’s norms and statutory provisions.
  • In monitoring overall functions of finance and accounts department, implementing operational expenditure/control and responsible for strategically planning & executing innovative business strategies to initiate finance control to maximize profitability.
  • In managing the whole gamut of functions pertaining to fund management;
  • Mobilization and investment of funds to ensure overall profitability and revenue for the company.
  • Planning of Funds flow and Cash flow. Scope of work will not include daily management of Cash Flow and daily dealing with banks. The same will be taken care by management and finance team of your company.
  • Liaising and coordinating with banks and other financial institutions for arrangement of funds.
  • In preparing CMA/future Projections of Sources of funds and its projected utilization.
  • For preparation of Balance sheet
  • In preparation and analyzing MIS Reports for monitoring movement of key business indicators to facilitate decision making and fruitful dissemination of information;
  • In formulating cost effective Revenue & Capital budgets for the company